Who we are

An optimal organization of logistics is of primordial importance in healthcare services. Belintra is a leading European provider of hospital logistics solutions. We are much more than a supplier of equipment. We develop the necessary infrastructure, enable organizational and logistical processes, and implement workable solutions.

Thanks to efficient storage and transportation solutions, every healthcare organization can improve time and means invested in their patients’ well-being. This applies to all different departments: Nursery ward, Sterilization & OR, Pharmacy, Emergency & ICU. Also cross-department accessories are in scope.

During 40 years Belintra has developed a wealth of experience in logistics and has thus become a real expert. Different product lines have been developed to serve the needs of specific departments, as well as (storage and transportation) solutions which can be used across different departments.

Many of our products have a modular approach to fit a diverse range of needs. And if the standard modular structures don’t suffice, we have all the competencies to deliver tailor-made solutions based on your facility’s specific requirements.

Our values

We serve your patients

Our primary concern is the welfare of your patients. Initially, our solutions save staff time and increase their efficiency and productivity. Ultimately, they enable your staff to spend more time with their patients.

We create solutions tailored to your needs

A standard healthcare facility doesn’t exist – nor does a standard healthcare logistics solution. All our products and services are therefore tailored to match your specific requirements. Customization enables you to optimize your logistics, improbe efficiency, reduce costs, minimize waste, and maximize human resource effectiveness.

State-of-the- … science

There is no art in hospital logistics. It’s a science. With precisely targeted objectives, tried and tested methods, tracked and traced results, and conclusions that are constantly assessed. That’s why at Belintra our product engineers are continually innovating, so they can develop new ways of performing old jobs quicker, more cost-effectively, and greener.

Hygiene begins with a Q

At Belintra we fully understand that hygiene is absolutely crucial to a hospital’s patients, staff and visitors. We therefore take hygiene very seriously by complying with the strictest quality standards and quality management processes, so that we can achieve the highest levels of hygiene across all our operations.

Closer than an email away

We like to think of ourselves your partner: listening, analyzing and brainstorming; overcoming challenges together; co-creating innovative solutions; fine-tuning and improving. We work with you to ensure the most optimal Just-in-Time delivery, the most effective FIFO (First-In-First-Out) systems, and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Krankenhaus, sjukhus, ospedale, nemocnica …

Belintra serves healthcare facilities throughout the world. Thanks to our experienced and skilled local representatives and a highly efficient transport and distribution network, we can provide integrated hospital logistics solutions wherever you might need them.

Our presence around the world