Who we are

Bio Renewables are a UK based company who lead in the Design & Manufacture of Technical Solutions (both modular or bespoke thermal treatment technologies), supporting the medical sector with its Waste Management requirements. We do this sustainably, using our operations and maintenace experience to provide the very best solutions to growing medical waste problems. Our range of incinerators can be used to safely and eficiently destroy all types of medical waste (Type 1- 4) through to Offensive waste, PPE, Drug disposal and mixed clinical.

Our products take traditional incineration, and our re-designed using stoichiometric combustion principles to the very lowest emissions, well below standards, without the need for abatement. Making this machine ideal for small hospitals & clinics (yellow, red and tiger bag waste), PPE and Pharmacuetical drug disposal.

Our values

Bio Renewables holds several core value, including, but not limited to:

Provide the most efficient and reliable prodcuts on the market, unrivalled quality and attention to detail.

Qualification of every lead individuallyl- customer focussed

Deliver on Budget and on Time

Efficient, Reliable and Robust products, focussing on reliability and maintainability

Our presence around the world