Who we are

Your expert partner in electrophoresis

The BIOTEC-FISCHER GmbH has been involved in electrophoresis for 40 years and has become one of the market leaders in

Clinical electrophoresis

Research electrophoresis

An experienced, knowledgable customer advice, phone support, qualified lectures, practice instructions on site etc. stand for our permanent and intensive customer contacts. They enable us to react to changing customer demands just in time.

Teamwork is a main reason for our business success. So our company's culture is based on strong and fair partnerships with our customers, suppliers and resellers. All partners are aware of our powerful winning team: these (often long-standing) partnerships serve as the basis for our outstanding performance.

Our values

People swear on it

Basicly every product is only as well as the reliability with which its promises become true. For this reason the BIOTEC-FISCHER GmbH abstains from those "news" which do the second step before the first one is done. Just in the opposite: we only buy and sale ripe and proved products and system solutions with high market relevance.

Fantasies are not important to the BIOTEC-FISCHER assortment. Important to us is the accurate satisfaction of those wishes which are really important to our partners and customers: quality, low operating costs, reliabilty and comfort.

This quality orientation is an essential element of our succesful business model. Since more than 25 years.

Benefit from our electrophoresis experience by contacting our knowledgeable sales force - without any obligation. A quick phone call is all it takes.


Selfowned and selffinanced

Since its foundation in 1974 the BIOTEC-FISCHER GmbH performes as a continuously and healthy growing enterprise: always innovative, focussed to product quality, customers convenience and comfort.

Over 25 years of electrophoresis experience, technical development knowhow, research partners all over the world and the extraordinary services offered to our resellers and their customers are convincing reasons for an unaccompanied market position.

Competent employees, selected materials, newest generation electronic parts and processoptimized softwaresolutions offer the needed freedom to develop creative thinking.

Clearly structured and focused on the electrophoresis BIOTEC-FISCHER GmbH has a wellbased market position and outstanding potencials for further growing.


Always a bit smarter

Brains, ideas and knowhow of our employees are our main capital. Our knowledge protects our partners and customers against bad investments, enables perfect working conditions and guarantees fast services in any case of problems.

The BIOTEC-FISCHER GmbH works together with a network of qualified resellers and servicepartners all over the world which can fall back upon our knowledge base whenever they need detailed instructions or advisory.

Innovation power, knowhow and professionality generate success.
We know what we do, why we do it and how to do it.

Together for our customers!

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