Who we are

BMB MEDICAL manufactures hospital furniture specialized in patients’ transfer and welcoming inside the hospital.

Our stretchers and chairs for one day care draw a distinction. They are engineered according high standards in term of quality and functionality. They bring a solution to organization of patient flaw in the hospital and they allow:

- to improve the staff working conditions

- to increase the patient turnover

- to reduce the patient stay.

- to reduce the patient stress and the consumption of anesthetics.

Our leading position on the French market has been reached thanks to a high reliability and a low cost of using our products. We have some references like Paris Hospital Group (16 000 beds) which we have been working with for 12 years in full exclusivity. We also export our products in Europe, Brazil, North America, Australia, etc.

Our values

Our first goal is your satisfaction. Our demandsare up to where we would like to find them as a customer.
By accompanying you from the definition of the product and throughout its life, we guarantee you high-performance products, reactive and quality services.
We try, in a humble way, to understand your use, your constraints, and to redefine the circuit of your patients to improve your working conditions and the efficiency of your organization.
We base our relationships on mutual trust by making our priority to be on your side in the long run.