BMD Software

Who we are

BMD Software is an SME targeted at the development of novel biomedical software solutions. The company is grounded on the +20-years’ experience of its members on innovative biomedical applications, from bioinformatics to medical imaging.
The success of the company shines through the participation in several European projects in the past years, such as InfoGenMed, InfoBioMed (NoE), EU-ADR (FP7), GEN2PHEN (FP7), RD-CONNECT (FP7) and EMIF (IMI).

BMD has had a significant impact on society throughout the years, supporting Breast Cancer Screening Programs with PACScenter, and the Neonatal heel prick National screening, assisting in the diagnosis of more than two million children.

Our values

BMD creates added value products that can make a difference daily.

We understand our client's needs and give them the opportunity to involve them in our innovation process.

We focus on our customers needs striving to provide straightforward and high-performance solutions for their day-to-day challenges.