Brain Products

Who we are

Brain Products is dedicated to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system. By offering versatile hardware and software solutions, we aim to positively impact the complex and fascinating field of neuroscience. This dedication has made Brain Products the worldwide leading manufacturer of solutions for neurophysiological research. Our hardware and software solutions cover the fields of ERP, BCI, EEG/fMRI, EEG/TMS, as well as sports, sleep, behavioural sciences and more.

Brain Products offers worldwide support to over 1,000 universities and scientific research institutes. Our comprehensive product catalog is backed by a worldwide network of knowledge brought to life by our distributors and business partners, collaborative projects with universities, and in-house R&D. The Brain Products team collaborates with industry experts and clients to bring continued product innovation. Providing quality and innovation is a key element of Brain Products business strategy.

Our values

We focus on fast, reliable and comprehensive scientific and technical support which creates a satisfying and positive relationship with our customers. User environment, workflow and design originate from direct user feedback, which also forms the basis for new developments.

Our primary focus is on close cooperation with our customers. Our products are designed and developed in collaboration with renowned research institutes working in the field of neurophysiology. Feedback from our users concerning design and performance provides support for ongoing improvements and allows us to stay up to date with the changing needs of our users. This is one of the contributing factors that has made our company a market leader.