Brera Medical Technologies

Who we are

In more than 40 years of experience and work, we have seen the satisfaction of our customers to grow year by year. Today, Brera Medical Technologies is a splendid expanding reality, in continuous research or professionals and always more qualified figures, with ideas that are always more innovative, with continual ambitious aims, and with the precise scope to create opportunities and benefits for everybody.

Origin: the strength of an intuition
Intuition is the strength of imagination, the origin from which an idea is created, a secret that is revealed. Intuition is the capacity to anticipate the times, the power to modify the destiny. BRERA was born out of an intuition.

A fundamental column of BRERA is the activity of research, carried out by a close internal team in collaboration with Universities and private institutes. Development and innovation lead the research towards the needs of the customers, always in respect of the maximum satisfaction.

The synergy of the human resources enables to transform the research into projects that, through the different productive phases, become solutions, ready for the market. Our company is regularly certified in respect to the ISO 9000 norms, this guarantees the various company processes among which: development, industrialization, production, final inspection and shipment, that take place with respect to a continuously monitored quality standard.

A constant formation of human resources, continuous training of technical staff, integrated communication, participation at the most important national and international fairs and congresses, aimed publicity, are the activities on which the rapid expansion of BRERA in the world, will be based.

Brera Research Lab is the heart of BRERA and a fundamental part of its history. Technology in rehabilitation was the principle inspiration of the first physiotherapy line. Today Brera measures itself with vaster horizons, accepting challenges and seizing opportunities in different sectors. We aim to apply the medical science to global well-being.

The internationality of the group is the quality that has characterised it for a long time. Its products are present in more than 40 countries in the world. The capacity to communicate with different cultures is synonymous of a vision of the global market without frontiers. Brera looks ahead even in the fulfilment of the extent of the products that it intends to offer the public and also the number of services offered to the customers. The development does not stop. In the future there will be devices even more efficient and innovative, commercial offers that will be always more competitive and a complete assistance to all customers through the direct owned Brera subsidiaries.

Our values

Brera today is recognized as a pioneer and leader in the world of aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy.

After three generations and forty years of know-how, this company still combines traditional Italian creativity and intuition with advanced technologies to meet the needs in the fields of beauty, medicine and rehabilitation.

Our presence around the world