BriteMED Technology

Who we are

BriteMED is established since 2009, dedicated to designing & marketing innovative medical devices and providing contract design & manufacture service that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. By developing strong R&D capability, we keep pursuing technological advancement and implement in our solutions, covering medical device, medical display and medical/telemedicine workstation. And because we keep our full-functional professions in-house, from R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, regulatory administration to sales & after-sales team, we are able to bring our customer’s project time-to-market with cost advantage and uncompromised high quality. We aim to develop reliable and technology-driven solutions that make people's lives better- whether they are doctors, nurses or patients. At BriteMED, all the solution are designed, tested and refined with the clinical environment in mind.

Our values

BriteMED is a manufacturer and solution provider, who also provides one-stop customized designing and manufacturing service for medical application projects. We are constantly seeking new ways to accumulate the technological power and commit the upmost quality standard to every solution we provide. With advanced project management expertise, our customers can keep track on status anytime to be synchronized for market launch plan.

BriteMED Capabilities: 
1. Cutting-Edge Technology: 
The expertise in bio-signal processing, medical electronic design, video signal imaging and IoT system integration.

2. Full-functional Design Team: 
Complete R&D resources from electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, UI/UX design, firmware/bio-signal engineering and software programming.

3. Small-sized Design Trial Project: 
We provide the experimental design trial project to prove the concept feasibility, lowering the initial investment budget of customers who want to realize the product concept to a marketable product. 

4.Quality & Reliability Control:
The ISO-13485 and GMP certified QC system from design verification, supply chain management, production quality control to post-market surveillance, ensures consistent product quality and reliability.

5. Production Flexibility for High-mix Product Categories: 
The cell production design is customized–oriented and all production records are stored and easily traced by the MES database.

6. Market-Oriented Capability: 
We provide full marketing support and product training for our local distributor to finalize their sales plan. By leveraging this market-oriented experience, we can also assist our OBM customers to define the unique design advantage and strenghthen the product selling points.  

Our presence around the world