Who we are


The Made in Italy excellence in healthcare.
Young and dynamic company, leader in the global markets thanks to its qualified and multidisciplinary team.
Casaluci Healthcare applies the sophistication and intelligence of high-end craftsmanship to provide customized turnkey solutions
for healthcare, controlling the entire product life-cycle: design, production, installation.

Quality, accuracy, versatility, speed, wide range of solutions: these are the qualities that make of
Casaluci Healthcare a highly competitive and reliable company.
Ready to satisfy every need, Casaluci Healthcare provides with its staff of designers and installers,
the best solutions for the reconfiguration of spaces and features.

Our values

Casaluci Healthcare means design, research and development of innovative, advanced products aimed to fulfill the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.
We develop unique and effective solutions, guaranteeing products and settings capable of satisfying all requests.

From design to materials to implementation, the skills are many to offer the highest quality products.
Furniture for hospital wards, turnkey prefabricated operating theaters, services systems; whatever is the need, Casaluci Healthcare integrates the entire cycle: design, production, installation and customization.

A single company that internally designs and manufactures every single piece, following its life up to the supply and installation, able at any time to remodel and modify parts of the structure to adapt them to the needs of customers and applications.

High quality, politeness, design versatility, reliability, speed of production, flexibility, excellence of materials and solutions.
Inimitable, highly competitive, unique products.