Who we are

Celsus is AI-platform for Medical Imaging Pathology detection, including oncology diseases at early stages.

System analyzing digital medical images, detecting patologies and interpreting the result, this cuts down the time of research and establishing diagnosis, minimizes the risk of missing pathology.

Celsus integrates with the IT-infrastructure of a medical institution and does not require a review of business processes

Software functionality:

- Abnormalities detection and classification Highlighting identified objects in images

- Automatic generation of the draft conclusion

- Integration with any medical picture archiving and communication system (PACS), hospital and radiological information systems (HIS, RIS)

- DICOM and HL7 support

- Stream processing of studies at a given speed

- Sorting studies by presence or absence of pathologies, severity of the disease

The company's services in the field of mammography analysis, fluorography, lung X-ray and chest CT have already processed more than 600 thousand studies. The company has a patent and a CE mark

Our values

We unite the competences of doctors and the capacities of artificial intelligence to save the most valuable – life and health.

Our presence around the world