CNSystems Medizintechnik

Who we are

CNSystems is a global leader in non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring technology for use in clinical and research applications.

By means of a simple finger sensor our core technology CNAP® provides non-invasive and continuous beat-to-beat recordings of blood pressure, advanced hemodynamic parameters (stroke volume, cardiac output and vascular resistance) as well as dynamic fluid management (PPV, SVV).

CNSystems provides tailor‐made solutions to support diagnostic excellence, improving safety and revolutionizing early detection and prevention in times of COVID‐19 where frontline experts and global guidelines recommend easy solutions for therapy‐guiding functional hemodynamic tests.

Our high quality product lines include CNSystems branded devices:

>> Task Force® Monitor / Task Force® Touch CARDIO

>> CNAP® Monitor

>> CNAP® OEM solutions for integrating or interfacing

Our core applications:
- Patient Monitoring (Anesthesia, ICU, IMC, …)
- Research (Physiology, Psychophysiology, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Gerontology,…)
- Diagnosis (State-of-the-art Syncope Assessment and Autonomic Function Testing)

Our values

Our advantages:
- Non-invasive
- Easy-to-use
- Clinically validated and cost-effective

All medical conditions characterized by rapid and short-term changes in hemodynamics can be managed in a fast, accurate and easy way, meeting the increasing demand for more patient safety and improved outcome in situations where continuous parameters are appreciated but invasive methods are not applicable or indicated.

Many renowned clinical- and research institutes as well as strong global players already count on CNSystems´s expertise in development, manufacture and supply of high quality medical products.

Our presence around the world