Who we are

A Successful Story

It all started in the mid-80s, when the company founders, Pasquale Coccato and Carlo Mezzetti, decided to join forces and create an innovative company capable of pursuing clear goals in developing concrete solutions to meet the demands of the funeral, hospital and the public sectors.

Salvazinco®, Sabiosan®, Barriera®, Promovita® are just a few of the products which, without doubt, shaped those sectors.

In 1992, the company directed its focus towards the balance between the environment and industry prompted by awareness of the serious problem posed by biodegradability in manufacturing. This new focus led to Coccato & Mezzetti adopting Mater-BI®, a ‘green’ thermoplastic produced by Novamont Ltd. This thermoplastic is derived from starches and cellulose to create a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic. Thanks to this continuing twenty-year collaboration Coccato & Mezzetti has become a reference point for solutions to various sectorial issues and gained official recognition from relevant bodies: Ministry of Health, Ministry of the Environment, Legambiente Environmental Association, Comieco (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-Based Packaging) and many others.

Our values