Concens A/S

Who we are

Concens is the responsible market challenger in the electric actuator industry. Our products are designed, developed, produced and tested at our facilities in Esbjerg, Denmark

Since our inception in 2003, we have focused on serving customers who require compact, well-designed electric actuators for use in applications where both design and appearance play a crucial role. The keywords for our company are Commitment, Flexibility and Versatility – our team is committed, our organization is flexible and our products are versatile.

Concens wants to be the preferred partner for customers looking for uncompromising design and outstanding value.

Our values

Our values are key to our success

Since the very beginning, we have built our company on the values we believe in that ensure that Concens is known as a well-driven, financially strong and respected corporation.

Our highly specialised staff are proud of our company, our products and our services - we are proud of our staff and we are well aware of our role in the local community.
Our shareholders are reputable companies with proven track records.

We stand behind our products and we understand what it takes to be a niche player in a fast-growing and continuously developing industry.