Coris BioConcept

Who we are

Coris BioConcept is a leading expert of rapid in vitro diagnostics of human infectious diseases since 1996. Based in Belgium, the company develops, produces and markets IVD kits for respiratory, gastro-enteric and bloodborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) as well as serological assays, mainly based on the immunochromatographic technology (ICT). Anti-Microbial Resistance concern pushed Coris BioConcept to develop a range of assays (RESIST) for rapid detection of antibiotic resistance mechanisms.

Aside of this range, another innovative approach for 3GC detection was recently launched with a front line test: BL-RED. Coris BioConcept is now involved in the development of a new molecular assay to be launched by end of 2021. Coris BioConcept was at the forefront to tackle COVID-19 pandemic by developing a rapid ICT assay for SARS-CoV-2 antigen detection launched in March 2020.
This R&D expertise is ideally suited for “on demand” production of innovative solutions in a rapidly changing world that calls for cutting edge biotechnology
to take us forward into a healthy future.

All Coris BioConcept’s products fulfil the CE marking requirements with an ISO 13485 certification and they are used in more than 80 countries with reliable distributorship networks.

Our values