Who we are

COWELLMEDI is a leading company of dental healthcare products specialized in dental implants, regenerative solutions and related services to dental professionals.

COWELLMEDI also serves laboratories, healthcare institutes, governments and other related sites. COWELLMEDI offers a comprehensive selection of products and services including education, technology trades, commercial consulting services and other comprehensive solutions.

With the development and localization of Korea’s first dental implant in 1994, COWELLMEDI became the pioneer of Korea’s dental implant industry. COWELLMEDI received a bronze tower medal for contribution of the development of Korea’s first dental implant from Korea government.

COWELLMEDI’s efforts over the last 2 decades along with its continuous research became the core of the country’s dental implant industry.

In 2010, COWELLMEDI attracted the world’s attention once again by developing and launching E.coli derived rhBMP-2 dental bone graft for the first time in the world, which led COWELLMEDI to become a global company in the biomedical field.

Our values

Help your daily practice superior

COWELLMEDI has been committed to innovating human life based on pushing boundaries of dental healthcare system and changing the way the world treats dental healthcare system.

At COWELLMEDI, we are always thinking beyond products. We are pulling all our weight to realize our motto, “ Help your daily practice superior ”, by providing our best level services and the highest quality which have been clinical safety, efficacy and reliability proven in multiple clinical cases and studies.

Our motto-oriented services, products and our continuous research on innovation and clinical & scientific networks have let us be one of the greatest company in world biotechnology industry.

Our presence around the world