Who we are

Cryomed Manufacture s.r.o. has been manufacturing cryosaunas (also known as cryotherapy machines, cryotherapy systems, cryo chambers or cryo capsules) since 2002. World leader in manufacturing whole-body cryotherapy equipment with the largest number of devices installed across the globe, our company is proud of our 18 years' experience.
Our cryosaunas ensure uniform temperature distribution from top to bottom of the cabin in the range between -130°C and -170°C while minimizing nitrogen consumption. We can provide customized solutions to fit your business's needs and maximize your profit due to reliable engineering to ensure easy and trouble-free operation. Cryomed's cryosaunas safety and quality are certified by TÜV Rheinland. All our equipment is supported by 3-year warranty coverage.
We offer six models of whole-body cryotherapy equipment, two models of local cryotherapy devices, as well as mobile solutions suitable for delivering cryotherapy services on the go.

All our cryosauna models are available in the simplified, standard, and advanced component set, with the prices starting from 18,000 EUR.

Local cryotherapy equipment is an excellent complement to whole-body cryotherapy services. A 10-minute treatment takes only 0.75 liter of liquid nitrogen. In addition, conveniently for the owner, our local cryotherapy equipment uses the same liquid nitrogen tanks as cryosaunas.

We provide full pre- and after-sale support with delivery, installation, operator training, marketing, and promotion consulting.

Our sales team will gladly help you to choose the best option tailored to your needs. Visit our website and learn more about our products and offers!


Our values

17 years of cooperation
During this time we have developed various methods to improve our products.

71 countries all around the world
Our products are used all over the world, which demonstrates their high quality.

1632 satisfied customers
More important than the numbers for us is to satisfy our customers with our services.

Our presence around the world