Who we are

Cryomed s.r.o. has been making cryosaunas (also known as cryotherapy machines, cryotherapy systems, cryochambers or cryo capsules) since 2002. We developed and launched the first model of the cryosauna, the Space Cabin, which quickly gained popularity around the world. We are continuously working to improve its products through innovation and cutting-edge technology. In 2011 we took a big step forward and opened its first factory in the EU in Nové Zámky, Slovakia.

In 2016 we began manufacturing a completely new model of cryosauna - the Cryomed Pro - with the Cryomed trademark. The Cryomed Pro is currently one of the best and most modern cryosaunas in the world. All existing cryosauna manufacturers have benefitted from the success of the Space Cabin and Cryomed Pro. Today our company Cryomed s.r.o sell Cryomed Pro™, Cryomed Mini, Cryofan and Dewar Vessles.

We ship to all countries in the world and provide assembling and training also worldwide.

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Our values

16 years of cooperation
During this time we have developed various methods to improve our products.

65 countries all around the world
Our products are used all over the world, which demonstrates their high quality.

1455 satisfied customers
More important than the numbers for us is to satisfy our customers with our services.

Our presence around the world