Who we are

Cutera is a leading provider of laser and other energy-based aesthetic systems for practitioners worldwide. Since 1998, Cutera has been developing innovative, easy-to-use products that enable physicians and other qualified practitioners to offer safe and effective aesthetic treatments to their patients.

Our values

We know that innovation calls to your desire to offer the best solutions in medical aesthetics. With our growing portfolio of solutions that improve skin conditions and body aesthetics, Cutera gives you the right tools to serve your patients and your business while seizing a valuable market opportunity. Introducing game-changing technology is a core value from a company that has engineered innovations like long-pulsed Nd:YAG, pico + nano pulse durations, and RF-based liplysis. Cutera is committed to you. Together, we can help you set a vision for your future and chart a path to achieving it.

Since our founding, we’ve been ideating, exploring, designing, testing, and developing new solutions. Cutera engineers technology for the forward-thinking clinicians and practice owners committed to creating the future. To you, we say welcome.

Our presence around the world