DDC Dolphin

Who we are

At DDC Dolphin we understand that you want the best human waste disposal solution for your facility. Keeping your vulnerable patients, care home residents and front-line clinicians safe from the threat of HCAIs is vital to the smooth running of your facility.

DDC Dolphin is a specialist sluice/dirty utility room equipment manufacturer and global supplier with 30 years’ experience. We also provide the most advanced service and maintenance offering in the UK. Whatever your current setup, we can audit your existing sluice/dirty utility room solution and make recommendations for improvement.

DDC Dolphin supply hospitals and care facilities all over the world

Our values

Helping you to make the right choice for your human waste management and sluice room requirements.

The bacteria which cause infections are constantly evolving. As a result, we too must strive to evolve and keep
developing our products to suit this ever-changing landscape.
Our mission is to dramatically reduce the number of distressing and life-threatening HCAIs in hospitals,
care facilities, hospices and schools around the globe – and therefore save lives.
As the only dedicated provider of sluice room solutions and equipment in the UK, DDC Dolphin have
an exceptional level of expertise in controlling the risk of infection in healthcare settings.