Who we are

Delfin was born 20 years ago from its founder and his passion for the industry of industrial vacuums.
From that moment on, Delfin has never stopped working to find new innovative and efficient solutions for his customers. Delfin main goal is to offer top quality and design products, by solving professionals and industries’ problems all around the world.

Delfin’s Pneumatic Conveyors department works to find efficient solutions to improve industries productivity when dealing with fine powders, granular or solid products.

Our values

Our Mission:
is to create innovative solutions to increase Efficiency, Safety and Productivity

Every day we create innovative solutions to improve production efficiency, ensure safety and to increase productivity.

Today you can find us all over the world, with own subsidiaries and more than 250 partners and retailers, who represent our brand, supply our products and guarantee support in over 100 countries.

We believe in a business model that puts the customer at its core:
Through non-stop development of equipment and solutions, and continuous improvement quality standards, we have achieved customer trust and reputation for excellence in several industries worldwide.

Delfin always involves its customers from the early stages, when designing new services and equipment. We offer customised products and solutions responding to their specific needs, along with exclusive services to increase their satisfaction.

Every step of the process in the manufacturing of finished products is monitored meticulously: this has enabled us to achieve several among the most important quality certifications.

Thanks to our large warehouse in Italy, branch offices and partners worldwide, we can guarantee non-stop and fast availability of spare parts and accessories.

We provide our partners and customers with a dedicated Support Team, ongoing training programs and fast delivery time of finished products.