Deltati Medical Equipment

Who we are

DELTATI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT operates on the Italian and some foreign markets and it's specialized in the fields of physioterapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation and uro-andology

DELTATI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT has selected for its customers the most current and technological devices ; a PERSONALIZED LINE of electromedical equipments result of an exclusive technical-commercial agreement with a leading and pioneering Italian electromedical device manufacturer for the physiotherapy and rehabilitation sector.

Over more than twenty years' experience in marketing high-tech products, it has always believed that it is indispensable to offer users high quality and reliable products, with guaranteed technical assistance and the availability of spare parts over time.

Now DELTATI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT want to expand its business on the International markets and to achieve this goal SEARCH DISTRIBUTORS PARTNERS.


- Pre-sales assistance to choose the most suitable equipment for the customer's needs

- Assistance during the equipment installation and start-up phases

- Training courses at our location

- Post-sales technical assistance

Our values

Over the years we have gained a great understanding of the needs and problems typical of the physioterapy centers.

We are therefore able to transfer our know how to integrated our high-tech medical devices with the most up-to-date manual therapy techniques

Deltati Medical Equipment mission is always aimed at the development and selling skills, application modes and tools to Private Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Practicies that want to innovate using the latest rehabilitative technologies to take care of their own patients.

Our medical devices are :

Technology , Style and Design 100% MADE IN ITALY