Who we are

Founded in 1934, Deppeler is a Swiss company specializing in the manufacturing and commercialization of high quality dental hand instruments. The instruments are made with passion in its factory located in Rolle (Vaud canton, Switzerland). Manufacture, as opposed to factory, because Deppeler has unique expertise in all stages of production, from the transformation of the raw material to the finishing of the instruments.

Specialists around the world trust Deppeler for their high precision work, daily.

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Our values

Our philosophy is based on three principles:

1.Listening to our clients;

2.The unimpeachable quality of our products;

3.Environmental awareness.

1.Listening to our clients

By listening carefully to our clients, we are able to meet their needs by developing instruments that match their precise requirements. Our small scale allows us to enjoy a close relationship with our clients and to respond swiftly to particular requests.

Our aim is to produce tools that are an extension of a dentist’s hand.

2. Unimpeachable quality

It is quality which distinguishes true manufacturing from slapdash production; this is dependent on several criteria.

Knowledge of raw materials
This means no scrimping on raw materials. Our considerable expertise in the manufacture of steel medical devices enables us to produce instruments with remarkable mechanical properties, combining flexibility and hardness and guaranteeing an unrivalled durability .

A hand-finish
Articles as precise and varied as ours must be finished by hand. Meticulousness, dexterity, inventiveness and expertise are essential qualities in our craftsmen.

Intelligent forms
The angulation of a product plays a crucial part in dental work. The manufacturer must examine all the degrees of angulation to ensure that the instrument is balanced, the treatment area is accessible and the work can be performed comfortably.

Strict margins
Strict margins + rigorous quality controls = high degree of regularity in our instruments and no eccentric forms!

A sound ethos
Showing respect for the values of others is vitally important. Each employee understands his or her role perfectly, feels valued and invests fully in the joint process.

3. Environmental awareness

The environmental approach taken with regard to our production system is based on the 3 Rs: Reduce – Re-use – Recycle.

From intention to reality

Use of Minergie premises

Use of non-standard steel

Use of recyclable packaging

Our presence around the world