DIB Radioprotection

Who we are

DIB Radioprotection is your key partner to meet your health and safety performance requirements for you worldwide operations.

For more than 40 years, DIB Radioprotection has successfully developed a portfolio of trustworthy partners and customers in a variety of sectors: medical care, nuclear industry, energy, aeronautic, military and defense, research, naval.

Our team operates all along your radioprotected assets life cycle for the design, the manufacturing, the commissioning, the retrofit and the service of cabins and bunkers. More than 60 people are making DIB on a daily basis. In the French design office, engineers and technicians are working at developing and manufacturing state of the art solutions. On the field, our teams are touring the globe to install and service your assets so your operations run smoothly.

For any specification, size, weight, location, DIB Radioprotection has already delivered a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom solutions in medical care and industrial sector.

At DIB the people's ambition is to establish and grow some long term relationship with our dear partners and customers.

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Our values

All customer requests are processed as a project. Absolute final safety of customer operations is the first DIB Radioprotection people motivational leverage . Daily on-site customer support with the DIB Care plan.

- All in-house design and manufacturing in France
- Code compliance to radiation protection shielding
- Monitoring and continuous improvement of the design practices
- State of the art manufacturing processes