Who we are

Doctorgimo's staff are a small and effective team ready to find the better solution for any situation. We have no strict rules or procedures because we privilege versatility and the ability to adjust to our clients needs.

So go ahead ans try us out, surely you'll find our products and service great, see you soon.

Our values

Doctorgimo is truly XXI century company, focused on goals rathers than procedures, and our goal is to promote better conditions for the veterinaries.
We do so by offering the best equipments at reasonable prices. All our products are developed in cooperation with veterinary practioners, in order to achieve a flawless funtionality; also we make sure to use the best materials and sound construction.

We reject the beaurocracy and standarization from the past, we know nowadays agility and customization are a must, so we work in order to meet our clients needs. We are forward-driven, always looking for ways to make things better, and we want our products to be reliable, we expect them to perform well year after year.