Who we are

Since 1987 Draminski S.A. designs and manufactures a range of mobile ultrasound scanners for both medical industry and veterinary as well.

Made in Poland high technology equipment is being distributed between 60 certified partners around the world.

Following the miniaturization trend in electronics and the continuous improvement of user experience, Dramiński develops only small, lightweight and durable ultrasound devices.

The main use is in areas of emergency medicine, family and palliative care as well as gynaecology and dermatology field .


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Our values

Quality and Excellence: We are committed to delivering the highest quality medical and veterinary equipment to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our products, from design and manufacturing to customer service and support.

Innovation and Technology: We embrace innovation and leverage the latest technologies to develop cutting-edge ultrasound systems that improve patient care, enhances diagnostic accuracy, and advances medical and veterinary research.

Patient-Centric Approach: We prioritize the well-being and comfort of patients in everything we do. Our equipment is designed with a focus on patient safety, ease of use, and minimizing discomfort.

Ethical and Responsible Practices: We adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct our business with integrity and transparency. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and compliant medical equipment that meets regulatory requirements. We also prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in our manufacturing processes.

Customer Satisfaction: We put our customers at the center of our operations and strive to exceed their expectations. We actively listen to their feedback and continuously improve our products and services based on their needs. We aim to build long-term partnerships with our partners and support them throughout their business journey.

Collaboration and Partnership: We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships with healthcare professionals, researchers, and institutions. By working together, we can drive innovation, improve patient outcomes, and advance medical knowledge. We foster a culture of collaboration both internally and externally.

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