Easyseal Medical Technology

Who we are

Easyseal Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized in all kinds of medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, water treatment equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, companies are divided into the Department of sealing machine and water treatment equipment division, with ISO9001 and CE certification, and has the title of "medical intelligent sealing equipment engineering technology research center" the sealing equipment design and production enterprises.

The seaming machine developed by our company has many self-patented functions such as Chinese characters (English) printing or bar code (QR code) printing, and various heating methods such as plate heating, pulse heating or bar heating for accurate temperature control control technology. The main sealing products are breathing bag or paper bags, and other material for sealing, vacuum, and all kinds of inflatable multiple functions such as sealing equipment, medical machine, paper-plastic bag cutting machine, roller table, label printers, and form a complete set of management software, pharmaceutical medical packaging breathing bags, paper bags, high (low) moderate manual sealing test card, to obtain a patent for invention (patent number: ZL 2012 1 0026025 X) detects the sealing strength of composite bags and coil seal joint strength tester. The sealer is manual or automatic sealing, printing lines can realize single, double or more printing function at the same time, from the thermostat (s), liquid crystal display screen, touch screen, computer, scanner and so on different control method, a total of 30 series products, can undertake all kinds of sealing device according to the requirement of the user design customization and OEM design and production, can adapt to the needs of different users.Companies adhering to the "quality of survival, quality and development" concept, with rich products, perfect technical support and commitment to revitalize the mind of national enterprises, has been more and more customers support and trust.

Our values

Integrity, the pursuit of excellence, open innovation, win-win cooperation.