Who we are

Founded by Franco Brega, in 2019 the company celebrated its 50 years of activity in the construction of dental equipment.

Achieved in 1969, the first patent of the Brega mini-printers was the precursor of what is today a wide range of products: steam units, polymerization units, light-curing units, cleaning units, divesting machine, sandblasters, vibrators and much more.

Appreciated for their quality, all our devices are made in Italy and respect the traditions of solidity, reliability and durability, our strengths together with the professionalism that distinguishes us.

Innovation has always been our priority as confirmed by the patents on the divesting machine Atlantis and the light-curing unit Soleil.

In industrial globalization, ours is a reality that tries to expand its business day by day. At the moment, we are present in 35 countries around the world, mainly on the European market.

The company's commercial policy is based on the distribution of products through dental stores or foreign dealers, in order to ensure an effective and efficient local sales and after-sales service to the final customer.

The mission of Effegi Brega is the full satisfaction of its customers, and this is the principle that drives its daily work.

Effegi Brega’s team invites you to visit the website www.effegibrega.it, where you can find all the information about the devices.

Our values

The main features that make EFFEGI BREGA s.r.l. the ideal partner for dental technician are:
- Quality: our devices are made with high quality components which are all made in Italy.
- Solidity, reliability and durability: the choice of using high quality allows our devices to last several years without having any problems. Our steam generators, the core business of the company, are a demonstration of it.
- Innovation: every day our research and development department is committed to finding innovative solutions that facilitate the work of dental technicians. For example: the patented water pressure-divesting machine ATLANTIS is admired for its new technology and for its attemption to operator safety. Another innovation is the application of photo-polymerization units by pressure and vacuum during the production cycle, another step towards the increasingly high-tech solutions present in the dental sector. Effegi Brega is also committed to producing devices that perform the operations of dental technicians automatically, such as the impression tray cleaner RELAX