Who we are

EGS is an Italian company with over 15 years of experience in the CAD/CAM industry. Always at the forefront in offering innovative solutions, it is recognized worldwide for its expertise in 3D technology. EGS designs, develops and manufactures entirely in-house products for the OEM market, to ensure full control of the process, safety and quality. It works closely with partners and offers complete customization of hardware and software possibilities.

Our values

EGS boasts a highly qualified staff and a reliable network of resellers and partners which allows it to raise awareness and distrubute its technologiesworldwide. The headquarters of the company is in Bologna. EGS combines complete solutions – 3D scanner, CAD design and integration with CAM modules – for customized applications in areas such as aerospace, automotive, machinery, consumer goods, dies and molds, furniture, household appliances, medical devices, means of transport, sporting goods, etc. EGS is able to provide standard products for 3D scannings and Reverse Engineering, develop programs and original products according to customer specifications, customize programs, develop algorithms, perform consultations and provide C ++ libraries to companies or research institutes willing to develop software using our technologies.