Who we are

ELLA-CS is a purely czech company, without any foreign ownership, yet our production is represented in more than 70 countries over the world and our distribution network is still growing.

Recently the company has mainly focused on the gastrointestinal stent production. Our portfolio includes esophageal, pyloroduodenal, biliary and colorectal stents. Our company is sole manufacturer of several globally unique health care devices.

ELLA-CS is the only manufacturer of these worldwide unique products: BD Stent - a biodegradable stent, Danis stent for stopping of acute variceal bleeding, and ELLA Extractor for extracting ELLA nitinol esophageal stents.

Our values

The success of ELLA-CS products indicates reliability and exceptional quality of manufacture. The company works steadily on research and development of original health care devices to widen therapeutic options for practitioners. Cooperation with leading specialists and practitioners is extremely valuable for successful research led by our company. So our products are submitted to rigorous examination in scientific publications and studies by renowned researchers from all over the world. The main intention of the company is to continue developing original products in close cooperation with the most important clinical centers of the world.