EndoMed Systems

Who we are

'Ensure people across the globe live longer and healthier'

EndoMed Systems is a German manufacturer of flexible and rigid endoscopy systems based in Ravensburg, Germany. The basis of our success is a team of engineers with more than 20 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the endoscopy sector.

We bring reliable, affordable, and durable diagnostic and Therapeutic endoscopic systems within the reach of healthcare professionals worldwide.

EndoMed's flexible endoscopy products include:

- Gastroscopes

- Colonoscopes

- Nasolaryngoscopes

for Adult and pediatric with all related accessories

- Electrosurgical units

- Reusable and Disposable instruments.

EndoMed's rigid endoscopy products include:

- Laparoscopes

- Arthroscopes

- Cystoscopes / Resectoscopes

- Hysteroscopes

EndoMed Systems provides all related instruments and accessories with different varieties from cost-effective solutions to cutting-edge products. EndoMed Systems GmbH is an ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturer. EndoMed Systems products are certified by TÜV Nord.

Our values


Reliable. By manufacturing our products in Germany, we strive for ongoing excellence and to conform to the highest applicable norms and standards.

Diverse. Being multi-disciplinary – in terms of our people, expertise and approach – helps to consistently optimise the quality of how we work and what we deliver to our customers.


Durable. We design our products to be long-lasting, so they generate a significant return on customer investment over a sustained period.

Affordable. We make cost-conscious decisions so we can offer our customers real value for a realistic price.


Trustworthy. We are a dependable business partner; a company that keeps its promises and which places great value on building and maintaining sustainable relationships.

Ethical. We believe in taking responsible choices, being fully accountable for our actions, and in working to a strict set of business ethics that we will not compromise on.


Dedicated. We commit to improving access to healthcare in every corner of the world/in all regions of the world/throughout the world, so it becomes a right and not a privilege.

Inclusive. We believe in the genius of the team, and therefore encourage employees – as well as customers and other partners – to contribute so we can optimise the outcomes of our activities.