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Who we are

Vison you can rely on.

At EndoMed, we prioritize assessing the needs of your endoscopy project beyond offering our devices. We aim to provide a precise solution that serves your budget, timeline, and technical requirements for minimal invasive treatments.

We understand that quality endoscopic systems with affordable cost in long-term could significantly increase the endoscopic capacity in many healthcare facilities globally. Our focus lies on meeting your project requirements by manufacturing reliable, affordable, and durable diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic systems, contributing to patients’ well-being, longevity, and improved health.

Poor choices can lead to inappropriate use, non-use, or faulty endoscopy devices and, as a result, waste resources and jeopardize the safety, well-being, and accurate diagnosis of patients.

At EndoMed, we adhere to all relevant healthcare regulations and standards to ensure ethical and legal practices. Our goal is to support you in making the right decisions about appropriate endoscopy devices for your community.

At EndoMed Systems, a German endoscopic equipment manufacturer located in Ravensburg, we are proud of our team of experienced engineers with over 25 years of expertise in the endoscopy sector.

We at EndoMed Systems are committed to manufacturing reliable, affordable, and durable diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic systems to ensure people across your community live longer and healthier.

Our devices are reasonably priced for both flexible and rigid endoscopic systems to meet the demands of today and address the challenges of tomorrow.

Our flexible endoscopy portfolio includes:

- Gastroscope, Colonoscope and Nasopharyngoscopy

Our rigid endoscopy portfolio encompasses:

- Laparoscope, Arthroscope, Cystoscope and Hysteroscope systems

Additionally, we provide essential devices and equipment such as electrosurgical units and reusable instruments.

By focusing on quality endoscopic devices, we contribute to early diagnosis of disease and cancer, and we promote minimally invasive treatments in different specialties such as laparoscopy, arthroscopy, cystoscopy, and hysteroscopy procedures. Our primary goal is to improve global healthcare by offering endoscopic systems that minimize the patient’s discomfort and accelerate the recovery process efficiently.

A crucial decision: Buying an Endoscopic system

When buying an endoscopy system, several important considerations are crucial to ensuring the appropriate decision and optimal operation of the devices in your healthcare facility. Understanding your technical requirements, and your assigned budget in order to propose the most suitable solution is the commitment of EndoMed to your project. EndoMed ensures that your endoscopy devices are:

Appropriate: Ensuring that our devices meet the specific needs, resources, and requirements of your healthcare facility or endoscopy project.

Accessible: Verifying that the device is compatible with your current healthcare systems for seamless integration.

Affordable: We balance the initial cost of our device with its long-term benefits to propose a cost-effective purchase. For example, evaluating the device’s lifetime cost helps to estimate its reliability and durability. It is important to know that a device with a higher upfront cost but lower maintenance and operational expenses over a long period of time may be more cost-effective than a cheaper device with higher maintenance and replacement costs.

Excellent and safe: Verifying that our device complies with local standards and regulations to ensure patients’ safety and reliable performance.

Reliable: A more durable device may result in fewer breakdowns, reduced downtime, and increased efficiency in healthcare operations. This is a core focus at EndoMed.

By taking these factors into account, we support you in making informed decisions and acquiring endoscopic devices that align with your requirements, enhance patient care, increase early cancer diagnosis rates, and provide great value for investment.

Join us in our mission to:

Bring reliable vision to your healthcare community.


Our values


Reliable. By manufacturing our products in Germany, we strive for ongoing excellence and to conform to the highest applicable norms and standards.

Diverse. Being multi-disciplinary – in terms of our people, expertise and approach – helps to consistently optimise the quality of how we work and what we deliver to our customers.


Durable. We design our products to be long-lasting, so they generate a significant return on customer investment over a sustained period.

Affordable. We make cost-conscious decisions so we can offer our customers real value for a realistic price.


Trustworthy. We are a dependable business partner; a company that keeps its promises and which places great value on building and maintaining sustainable relationships.

Ethical. We believe in taking responsible choices, being fully accountable for our actions, and in working to a strict set of business ethics that we will not compromise on.


Dedicated. We commit to improving access to healthcare in every corner of the world/in all regions of the world/throughout the world, so it becomes a right and not a privilege.

Inclusive. We believe in the genius of the team, and therefore encourage employees – as well as customers and other partners – to contribute so we can optimise the outcomes of our activities.