Equipe MedCon

Who we are

Equipe MedCon distributes high-quality disinfectants and protective equipment for patients as well as health care personnel (general practitioners, dermatologists, dentists, hospitals, veterinarians, etc.). The use of high-quality protective equipment and disinfectants ensures that the risk of infection is reduced to a minimum for both staff and patients.

However, with the outbreak of the Covid crisis, additional protective measures, such as face masks, have also become an important part of our lives. We have therefore adapted our product portfolio to the requirements and, in addition to hand and surface disinfectants, we have also included products for the disinfection of textiles and face masks and special face masks, but also devices for the decontamination of rooms, etc. in our range.

We are happy to respond to the wishes and requests of our customers and work out solutions together in a personal consultation, adapted to the needs of the company.

The brand Edecon is exclusively distributed by Equipe MedCon GmbH.

Equipe MedCon is certiefied according to ISO 2001:2015

Our values

Our daily efforts are crucial to our success. We strive to meet and exceed high quality standards in everything we do, especially in
- our products
- our services
- interpersonal relations
- our competitiveness

Safety is our top priority and we act in accordance with the highest medical, scientific, regulatory and legal standards.

We constantly challenge ourselves in order to use our personal capabilities for our mutual success.
We treat the members of our team as well as our customers and business partners with fairness and respect.

Our vision is to be "the preferred partner of our customers". We achieve this through a deep understanding of the changing needs of the different industries in which we operate.

As a customer-oriented company, we support our customers through the innovativeness of the products and services we sell, which are designed to improve the health and well-being of all.