Eufoton® Medical Lasers

Who we are

Eufoton® was founded on the 17th May 1999 in Trieste thanks to the understanding of a surgeon, expert of laser surgery and laser therapy, and two engineers expert in the field of micro optics and semiconductors.

The aim of the group was to study, design, produce and distribute the most innovative medical diode laser that the technology of that time could support, worldwide.

These lasers consist of semiconductors (Gallium arsenide diodes), which do not wear down, do not need constant maintenance, do not show high consumption of active materials and are much more innovative compared to their predecessors, which were mostly gas tube or crystal diodes.

Since its foundation Eufoton® has put strong emphasis on launching new laser devices into various medical disciplines thanks to a continuous activity of education and communication.

Eufoton® positions its brand on the first places on the national and international market of portable diode lasers. This success is for sure also the result of the quality that Eufoton® lasers offer from the maintenance and applicative point of view.

Eufoton® diodes aim to the majority of the medical specialties: Dermatology, Vascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Neurosurgery, Stomatology, Veterinary Medicine.

Eufoton® contributes to the success of the medical doctor with constant training courses, workshops and online updates.

Theoretical-practical courses to the introduction of the technology for the neophyte are feasible for small groups of doctors or ad personam; another added value to take into consideration is the post-sales support provided by different marketing tools dedicated to the single medical centre and to the treatments proposed and carried out in it.

The company is currently selling its products on the Italian market and in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Eufoton® is a company that has been operating in Trieste since 1999 in the electromedical laser sector, engaging in the following fields:

• design, production and technical assistance of laser devices and accessories for medical laser treatments;

• placing on the market, under its own brand, accessories for medical laser treatments;

• marketing of medical devices for laser treatments.

Eufoton® has set up an internal Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 13485, in order to offer objective feedback on the quality of its devices and the services offered with ever higher levels of safety, reliability and efficiency in the medical laser technology sector.

The Quality Management System has a risk-based thinking approach that allows Eufoton® to:

• determine the factors that could influence the ability to meet customer needs;

• put in place controls to minimize negative effects;

• seize the opportunities offered by the global market by anticipating trends;

• maximize the professional satisfaction of its stakeholders.

In this perspective, the Company Management makes public its Quality Policy which follows the philosophy of the founder of our company, the late Dr. Ovidio Marangoni, that bequeathed the passions of art and modern technology combined with the uninterrupted desire of knowledge in the application of lasers in medicine. The company mission remains the same: to transfer the best possible technological culture to its customers, helping them to achieve the most important professional goals in the shortest time possible.

Our values