Euroclinic MediCare Solutions

Who we are

Medi-Care Solutions is the evolution of EUROCLINIC® world.
Built on the foundations of EUROCLINIC® S.p.A. and on the aspirations of ISAF Group, it is the culmination of years of work but it represents not just an ending but also a new beginning in the medical world. Medi-Care Solutions, through more than 35 consolidated worldwide dealers, offers a wide range of medical products branded EUROCLINIC® for ENT, PODIATRY and GYNECOLOGY outpatient rooms, focusing on research and development and preserving the knowledge and the commercial network of EUROCLINIC® brand.

Medi-Care Solutions main aim is to concretize EUROCLINIC® vision of the medical future, defining new guidelines applied to its internal organization and strategies but never forgetting the commitment to provide customers with the best medical solutions also according to each specific market/territory peculiarities for the best physicians and patients relief. The relatively short production cycle, if compared to the products complexity, is organized
according to advanced assembling and testing procedures, that being in compliance to CE, ISO and FDA certifications in force grant excellent results
in terms of quality and reliability standards.

Through the cooperation and the partnership with the most important brand in many medical fields, Medi-Care Solutions also managed to create a complete package of complementary devices co-branded EUROCLINIC® becoming a reference partner in the furniture of complete medical solutions.

Our values

The main purpose of Medi-Care Solutions is to realize Euroclinic's vision of new medical definition guidelines applied to its internal organization and strategies without ever forgetting the commitment to provide Customers with the best medical solutions.

Our presence around the world