Who we are

EuroMed was born in the epicentre of the SARS Cov2 pandemic in March 2020. At the beginning of the 1st lockout, Jorge Martins da Cunha, Chief Administrator, when returning home from a business trip to Pakistan and the Middle East, witnesses planes and airports full of people running away and fleeing to their loved ones with a well-founded fear of the virus.

Already on national territory, he begins a series of talks with hospitals and national and local authorities to understand the basic needs. It became clear the inability of all countries to in dealing with the threat.

Ventilators, masks, respirators, protective suits, goggles, visors, gloves, thermometers - these were the first supplies to be part of an uninterrupted daily air supply, managed by a hard-working team that has not stopped since March 7th 2020, until now.

We are proud to be one of the leading distributors of personal protective equipment and medical devices, with modern facilities and an experienced, responsible and qualified team.

EuroMed is committed to all its customers, offering medical devices with CE marking, EN certification, and in some cases, American standardization.

Our values

- Transparency

- Integrity

- Ethics

- Competence

- Efficiency

- Commitment

- Social Responsibility