EVEREST Veterinary Technology

Who we are

We are a company located in Barcelona since 1992 in the veterinary field, allowing us to offer a wide range of high quality.

We have a wide portfolio of over 3,000 articles, delivering industry-leading brands and we are also specialists in the manufacture of furniture and surgical anesthesia equipment designed and manufactured exclusively for us with the most advanced techniques.

Our dedication to research and development of products allow us to offer high quality products in order to make easier the work of the veterinarian.



+34 93 668 6715

Our values

Satisfy needs of our customers, by providing quality products at an optimum price

Become the reference and preferential supplier for the acquisition of medical-veterinary goods.

Trust we can achieve our goals when customers and suppliers rely on us.

We have a great commitment to our customers, our company and suppliers, always
treating with the maximum respect all those with whom we interact.

We always look for the latest products in the medical field, exploring new markets and visiting
different international fairs, in order to offer the latest advances.

With over 30 years of experience in the veterinary field, we can suggest the products
that adjust at our customers' needs, prioritizing them and adding value in that direction.