Who we are

Evolucare in a few words

Evolucare is a family-owned company created 30 years ago, which combines experience and agility by capitalizing on its historical products and on innovation to ensure its transformation within a rapidly changing society.

As an expert in the field of medical IT, Evolucare remains true to its mission of connecting the world of healthcare to provide efficient and cost-effective ways to improve care.

Evolucare's strength lies in the diversity of expertise of its teams, both business and technical, and in the responsiveness of its support functions. In addition to the pool of skills of its workforce, Evolucare's human values contribute fully to its success.

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Our values

Our values

The evolution of our world and the crises it is going through are pushing healthcare institutions to accelerate their digital transformation.

Digital solutions are an efficient lever to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information, as well as the consultation and coordination between all the players in the care chain.

At the same time, they optimize the time of healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on their core business, which is not IT but the care and well-being of the citizens they serve.

Our group is now undergoing a transformation to become bigger and stronger by your side. What will not change are the values we hold dear: loyalty, commitment, respect, excellence and innovation.

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