Who we are

We are a manufacturing company with 30 years of experience in footwear and specialized in medical devices that improve the quality of life of people suffering from diseases of the foot or needing a high-quality footwear and high-comfort product
Our company melts a local and familiar soul with an international and innovative spirit, which allows us to be at the forefront with technical solutions while maintaining the quality of craft products assembled by hand, piece by piece. We accept global challenges but we also listen to our customers in a flexible, collaborative, and personalized way.

Our values

Our efforts are based on the constant search for best materials, assembly techniques, the design, the combinations and the development of innovative solutions in collaboration with specialized institutes.

Everything we make is designed, produced and packaged in our factory in the heart of Italy, in the area with the highest footwear vocation in a almost family atmosphere with a common passion shared daily with our artisans in factory
We use high quality hypoallergenic and odorless raw materials which must comply with the requirements of the European Economic Community.

Our shoes and braces are conceived for people who suffer from problems related to the foot and who want a high quality product made with love by artisan expert in feet in need of care.
The ExtroStyle is also specialized in diabetic foot in all its phases, in trauma rehabilitation and post-intervention and elderly deambulation.
From 2017 we are also present in orthopedics, healthcare shops and pharmacies with a new comfort line for all the ages.

Our presence around the world