Fablox sp. z o.o. sp.k.

Who we are

Polish manufacturer of Pharmacy robots and UVC flow lamps for air disinfection.

Our values

UV-C Flow lamps:
The current pandemic has changed our daily behaviour and approach to disinfection.
The new reality requires unconventional measures to ensure that everyone functions safely in the public sphere.

In collaboration with a team of scientists from Poznań University of Technology we have taken up this challenge by creating an innovative air disinfection device - the Fablox UVC flow lamp, which ensures rapid disinfection of small rooms and effective disinfection of large areas.

New FABLOX 2.0 Pharmacy robot:
The rules of operation of pharmacy robots are similar around the world. The challenge for us was to create a device that maintains the functionality of all other models, but has features and parameters that have never been available before. Even in the most advanced robots!

Our team of engineers, robotics and automatics, thanks to cooperation with pharmacists familiar with not only the problems encountered every day in pharmacies, but also those in work with warehouse systems, created a device for the functional, surface and technical needs of the modern pharmacy!