Famed Żywiec

Who we are

Famed Żywiec is a leading European manufacturer of high quality medical equipment. 1947 is a start of our history, since then we have supplied medical facilities with thousands of top-quality operating tables, hospital beds, treatment chairs and other equipment. Famed products are used by doctors in Poland and 111 countries around the world, in the most demanding markets and in the most difficult conditions.

We have built the strength of our brand based on the experience of Żywiec businesses and craftsmen who have specialised in this field since the 19th century. A key competitive advantage of Famed Żywiec in the dynamically developing medical industry is our qualified staff. Thanks to the commitment of a team of high-class specialists, supported by modern production equipment and unique technological solutions developed over the years, our products have an exceptional reputation, contributing to the improvement of the quality of medical care in Poland and in the world.

Our values

Production in our own factory

We do not assemble products from ready-made components. We manufacture them from scratch - by matching and checking each element.

Over 99 percent of the production process takes place in our factory in Żywiec. Thanks to this we have full control over the quality of our products. Our specialists are masters in the processing of metal and plastic components, and many years of experience pay off with maximum precision.

75 years of implementing breakthrough solutions

Our Research and Development Department is a true safe vault where we keep the research results, experience and prototypes accumulated over the years.

Decide what you want your hospital beds, treatment chairs or operating tables to look like. Our R&D engineers make every effort to ensure that our products meet the most sophisticated expectations. When introducing newly developed products or modifying the existing models, we strive to meet the requirements of our Clients while maintaining highest standards. Famed Żywiec cooperates with medical centres from Poland and abroad in order to constantly adapt our products to market trends and the latest scientific discoveries. You can be a part of this process – contact us!