Favero Health Projects

Who we are

Favero Health Projects design and produces equipment and integrated system for hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities and community.

Innovative furnishing solutions designed to be easy to use by operators and to promote patient wellbeing.

Favero Health Projects furnishing solutions are designed to meet all the requirements of the healthcare environment. Based on our divisional structure, we are able to provide turnkey solutions of completely furnished environments which satisfy the needs of rest homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design".

Designing solutions for healthcare means connecting with the most profound and intimate aspects of human existence, understanding their needs and meeting them.

A rigorous structure to human-centred design, technology and innovative materials allow us to offer system and equipment for healthcare organizations which pay attention to the health of patients and facilitate the daily activities of the staff.

Design is for life.

Favero Health Projects is distinguished by a clear-cut Company identity, a constellation of twin-pronged values: Quality and People, the two primary drivers of the Company mission.

On the one side, the firm wishes to create equipment and solutions of quality and with excellent performance. On the other hand, is the awareness of producing implements which must, above all, be at the service of man and his wellbeing. These two drivers, in turn, lead to further values and directions which, as a whole, illustrate the galaxy of the Company’s values, that starry sky which indicates the route towards the future.

Sixty-five years of foresight, ideas and innovation.

Favero Health Projects boasts a multi-decade history which, from 1954, unfolded in the heart of the Venetian district of Made in Italy. Sixty-five years of business and testimonials, of its capacity for navigating changes while keeping its values unaltered, the farsightedness of its directors in always managing to read the times and becoming their interpreter.

Sixty-five years paced out with the will also to experiment, to explore new territory, and to accept risks, better to respond to the evolving requirements of health care. Years guided by the strength of ideas, by a firm wish for improvement, and an insatiable thirst for research. Three driving forces which, over time, has permitted the Company’s creations to trace out a profile of innovation and with it, project the future, placing Favero Health Projects at the summit of the European market for health furnishings.

Our values


People’s well-being is more important than business.

We believe that a company cannot carry out its mission without being an integrated and responsible member of society and part of the environment in which it works.
Favero Health Projects is committed to respect the rights and physical, moral, and cultural wellbeing of all people, and for this reason we have built a transparent company culture based on clear ethics which makes it possible for us to build relationships based on trust.

This is also the reason we have adopted a Code of Ethics and share and promote our Organizational Model which has been developed in compliance with DLGS 231/2001, under the supervision of our internal control body.