Who we are

With more than 20 years of experience, Fazzini SRL has become the international leading supplier of hospital furniture and medical equipment, producing and distributing all over the world more than 4.000 medical and electro-medical devices.
Among our clients there are important and prestigious International and charitable Hospital Institutes, Non-governmental organizations and a big network of local institutions in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Our main target is to guarantee a constant quality of the products for our customers, offering at the same time flexible and innovative solutions at reasonable prices.
We will keep on pursuing our target with new collaborations and introducing new ideas.

Our values

“Your health is our aim” has always been the vision statement driving Fazzini SRL since 1995 in its growing and developing route, that is always ongoing.

The ability in interpreting, understanding and supporting the client’s needs, and a total control on the logistic and productive aspects are our strengths.

Competitive prices, high reactivity and efficiency but also a strong flexibility are the key words and values which made Fazzini SRL one of the leading Companies in the healthcare Industry.

Our team strongly focalizes on reaching a high level in the customer’s satisfaction, offering qualified solutions and using the knowledge of the market in order to adapt our services to all specific needs.