Flores medical

Who we are

The business vision was to develop novel and high-quality inhalation devices. The successful »multisonic®« model range arose from cooperation with physicians, technicians, ergonomists and designers under the brand Schill.
Flores medical GmbH was founded in June 2010 with the ambition to resume and develop the successful products of Schill GmbH & Co KG medical technology.
The »multisonic®« devices fuse the advantages of ultrasonic nebulization with optimum user friendliness. They have been devised to suit the individual patient needs in terms of handling and functionality. Thanks to their versatility, the »multisonic®« models have a place in medical practices, in hospitals e.g. integrated with anaesthesia and ventilation circuits, and in the patients home or travel bag. Their ease of operation is attractive to patients of all age groups.

The progress in medicine calls for progress also in medical technology. So, one goal of drug research is the discovery of alternatives to syringes and tablets. The favorite: intake of inhaled drugs – “Inhalation instead of ingestion or injection”. However, an efficient therapy demands new solutions. There are still many permanent operation inhalers on the market that deliver aerosols on a continuous basis. This results in loss of some of the aerosolized medicament to the environment and in a relatively ineffective drug action. Other inhalers operating on press-button operation place high demands on the patients´ coordination skills.
The infrared and valve control system developed by the antecessor Schill for use in the multisonic®-InfraControl offers the simple solution to both problems, thus representing a revolutionary progress in inhalation therapy. An infrared control mechanism provides automatic demand-based aerosol production. In this way, inhalation of the optimum quantity of medicament is ensured during each inhalation manoeuvre. The closed-loop valve system enables inhalation without the need to interrupt the treatment. Once the medicament is used up, the inhaler will automatically stop its operation.
Apart from incorporating a wealth of technical novelties, the devices also have an appealing optical appearance. We are proud to say that they have won the design award of the Land of Thuringia as well as the famous »Red Dot Award«.

Our values

In addition to receiving official recognition it is above all our customers confidence that constitutes a strong motivation for our employees. This is why we will not slacken in our efforts to provide our customers with quick and friendly service and further develop and improve our products to meet the latest requirements. Medical technology is the major area of growth with an excellent prospect for the future.
Untiring research activities in cooperation with universities, hospitals and medical practices will lead to even better solutions to improve the quality of life of many people.