ForaCare Suisse

Who we are

ForaCare Suisse AG was stablished in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and is an established supplier of innovative self-monitoring solutions for chronic diseases.

• Diabetes care solutions

• Hypertension care solutions

• Fever care solutions

• Weight care solutions

• Telehealth solutions

By providing diabetes and hypertension solutions and integrating with our Telehealth System, we are able to transmit the data into useable and accessible health information.

Our values

INNOVATION - We believe in investing in new and innovative technology solutions.

TEAMWORK - We work as a team and listen to our employees and our partners, to meet the needs of our end users and the markets we serve.

UNSTOPPABLE - We are committed to excellence and are driven by maintaining the highest brand quality and trust.

QUALITY - We provide outstanding solutions and excellent customer service, delivering premium value to our partners and customers.

STRUCTURE - We have structured quality management systems that are efficient and integrated with our production for speed of execution.