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GenSci Group

Who we are

Company Profile

GeneScience Group (“GenSci”) was founded in 1996 and listed in 2008. The headquarter is located in Changchun China, global marketing center is situated in Shanghai China. We are dedicated to research and development, supported by our R&D Center located in Los Angeles USA, Beijing, and Shanghai China; manufacture and distribution of high-quality biogenerics & medical devices for patients, clinicians & animals.

For the medical device field, GenSci offers a comprehensive range of Medication Delivery, Sample Collection, Anesthesia Supplies, and Diabetes Care products to the healthcare and veterinary market. We are committed to offering customers more than your normal supplier, by providing unique products and general everyday requirements for the operating room, intensive care, and veterinary nursing. Our philosophy is to provide a one-source multi-product choice that enables customers to manage their consumables and device supplies in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our values

In 2024, we have launched a range of novelty products below.

1. 3D-printed Orthopedic Insole Solutions

Prefabricated 3D-Pritned Insoles can be quickly produced using pre-designed models.

Customized 3D-Pritned Insoles are made to fit the precise measurements and requirements of each individual foot.

2. Injection pens

Injection Pen offers a convenient and efficient method for administering medications such as GLP, vaccines, growth hormones, osteoporosis treatments, infertility medications, and interferons through injections. It ensures precise dosing accuracy and ease of use for patients, enhancing the overall treatment experience.