Geratherm Medical AG

Who we are

The Geratherm Group is an internationally aligned group that develops and produces medical solutions at five locations in Germany. It also has a sales office in Brazil. With Geratherm Medical AG, the group has its headquarters in Geratal/Thuringia. From Thuringia, the green heart of Germany, we export 82% of our products to over 60 countries every year.

End consumers in the home care sector are the main target group of Geratherm Medical. Our range includes analogue and digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, inhalers and rapid tests for women. The brand "Geratherm®" is known for its medical glass thermometers. Analogue thermometers have a 120-year-old tradition in the Thuringian Forest and are produced at the Geratal location even today. Today, it is important for us to act sustainably, which is why the raw materials for the production of thermometers come from within Germany and have short delivery routes. The entire value chain lies within the group, and so the precision capillaries and glass tubes for thermometer production come from our new, state-of-the-art, in-house glass production division. You can identify our certified glass by the marking of the scale with three white stripes. This long tradition forms the basis of our experience as well as high competence and precision in the production of glass thermometers.

Our success is thus based on tradition, but also on a constant expansion of the company through new business fields. Today, the Geratherm Group has five subsidiaries working in the fields of stroke prevention, pulmonary function diagnostics, incubators, glass production and manufacturing. Innovative products are constantly being developed in the lucrative fields of pulmonary function diagnostics, stroke prevention and incubator technology. Many products are already in use in practices, clinics and rehabilitation facilities worldwide.

Our values