Who we are

Gient is a global supplier of medical waste autoclave systems established in 1995 in Chongqing, China. Gient aims to provide the customers comprehensive medical waste treatment and disposal solutions, which meet the most stringent environmental standards worldwide.

The Gient products include autoclave, waste shredder, steam generator and industrial boiler, which are applicable to treat medical waste in commercial plants, hospitals as well as mobile stations.

Since 1995, Gient has always devoted itself to develop its products to achieve higher quality and lower cost. provide our customers with the most cost-effective and automated solution for medical waste treatment, and help our clients to decrease the operation and maintenance cost.

Gient complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE and ASME which govern our businesses and operations committed to quality, environmental protection and protecting health and safety of personals.

Our values

High Quality and high reliability: Gient follows the principle of high quality and high reliability throughout the design and manufacturing. We select the best material and the most outstanding parts to ensure the most satisfactory performance of our products.

More automated: Thanks to plenty of automated techniques applied in our products and Gient monitoring Center (GMC), our clients are able to reduce the manpower during operation, and especially to reduce the reliance on professional operation team.

Enviornmental friendly: No harmful substance (dioxin and Furan, etc.) is produced during treatment process. Moreover, Gient adopts the world-leading technology of odor control.

Lowest operation cost: We brought our experience of energy saving in decrease the energy consumption of medical waste treatment. The heavy-duty design and high quality parts ensure a trouble-free performance in a long run, thus maintenance cost is largely decreased.