Golden Stapler Surgical

Who we are

Golden Stapler Surgical Co. Ltd was established in 2007, who dedicates itself to provide optimal surgical products world-widely. The company possesses a variety of patents through its own R&D, and currently offers various surgical staplers with superior quality. In 2013, Golden Stapler Surgical resets its strategical targets after company share reconstruction. Moreover, the Overseas Venture Capital involvement becomes a significant milestone of corporation’s future development.

The reconstructed management team obtains significantly rich experience particularly in medical industries. Golden Stapler’s mission statement is: Advancing Surgical Technology to Benefit More People. The company highly praises its core company value of passion, professionalism & performance; promotes total quality management, strives to become a reliable surgical company of patients & surgeons to restore health.

GoldenStapler provides high quality of Disposable, Single Use or Single patient use of Endo cutter, Endoscopic cutter, Endoscopic linear cutter, Surgical Stapler, Surgical stapling, Circular Stapler, Endoscopic Stapler, Disposable stapler, Linear Cutter, Hemorrhoidal stapler, Endo cutter stapler, Endoscopic cutter stapler, Transverse cutter, Linear stapler, Fascial Closure System, Retrieval bags, abdomical trocar, skin stapler, Curved cutter, stapler and reloads/cartridge.etc.

Golden Stapler cooperates closely with world-wide reputable research institution according to clinic needs, who dedicates innovation on minimally invasive surgical products. The company is also plan to involve more in medical education & communication with surgeons, improve surgical skills to provide better health service.

Our values

Key Points:

1. Company Mission Statement: Advancing Surgical Technology to Benefit More People

2. Core Company Value: passion, professionalism & performance

3. Offers various using friendly surgical staplers

4. Organizes professional medical education & product training

5. Close cooperation with World-wide reputable research institutions