Guangzhou KOFA Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Who we are

Guangzhou KOFA Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2004,headquartered in Guangzhou High-tech Industry Development Zone, Science City.KOFA Biotech focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) reagent and instrument ,adhering to the concept, science and technology benefit everyone, to provide perfect quantity-value solutions and services for clinical medical diagnosis. KOFA Biotech has always adhered to the strategy of independent intellectual property rights, independent innovation and independent brand, and has successively established three technical platforms of clinical biochemistry,fluorescence immunoassay,chemiluminescence immunoassay detection and COVID-19 related products.

At the beginning of its establishment, KOFA Biotech introduced ISO13485 international quality management system, and has always strictly controlled product quality and improved product technology. Now KOFA Biotech has a young R&D team that is beginning to take shape, with reasonable levels and complementary technologies. After more than 15 years of development, KOFA Biotech has completed the accumulation of capital, talent, technology and market, and is in a period of rapid development. In order to better adapt to market changes and correctly position corporate strategic goals, KOFA Biotech will actively promote capital operation and industrial integration, prepare for the listing of enterprises, and take this opportunity to rapidly promote the establishment of technology platform and product line expansion.

In the future, KOFA Biotech will give full play to its own advantages, uphold the concept of science and technology benefit everyone, and constantly carry out product research and development innovation, management mode innovation, equipment innovation, to meet the future development needs, relying on its own technology and strong strength to actively carry out development and cooperation in production, study and research.

Our values

-Committed to technological innovation and dedicated to the whole world as provider of high-quality products and service.

-Provide everyone with accurate magnitude and testing results.