Hbw Technology

Who we are

HbW Technology is a company whose establishment is based on the finding of a favorable evolution of the beauty market (medicalized or not) and the growing demand for products and services that help to fight against the effects of time.

To answer as precisely as possible to new consumer needs and take advantage of the most reliable technological advances, we have set up in 2009 the right strategies - to create a complete range of solutions :

+ That slow down and reduce the effects and signs time

+ Which meet the expectations of experts health and aesthetics

Our mission: Designing, Manufacturing and Marketing of technologies, products, services and solutions in the areas of health, beauty and especially in anti-aging.

Our values

HbW Technology is led by Innovation.

We have developed products with innovative know-how to enhance the quality of care and achieve the best results.

The HbW force is to have surrounded itself with industrial partners specialized in Biotechnology, able to create and develop new technologies. Their partnerships with the CNRS, INSERM and several university hospitals, are for us a guarantee of seriousness and credibility.They accompany our development for many years.

Our success is based on innovative and proprietary technology, supported by a scientific study conducted by Professor Giuseppe Pacilli (University of Foggia, Italy). It describes all the action mechanisms of Mésotransduction® (method to better penetrate the skin assets in the cell) and provides clinical evidence of the results obtained with our technology. Our advanced technologies have become real recognized brands.

The HBW technologies

+ Mésotransduction® : Intracellular Action using fractional micropulses and molecular polarisation + Cryotherapy : Intra cellualr action using the diffusion a stabilized and controled cold (-3° degrees) + Phototransduction® : Intracellular Action using light emission and absorption of photons