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Health Production Products

Who we are

HPP Tunisia is a professional factory certified ISO 9001:2015 AND ISO 13485:2016 , specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of medical devices for the health sector and protective items for human and his environment

We guarantee the promotion of competitiviness of our company by the member-ship and the involvement of all, at all levels in all functions and at all stages for continuous process improvement through transparency of objectives and means implemented.

Our strategy is to satisfy our customer and our quality policy is based on a high goal that is based on a strong quality going up the expectations of our customers.

Our products include disposable surgical face masks certified EN 14683:2019, shoe covers, clip caps, bouffant caps, disposable surgical gowns, disposable isolation gowns, coverall and other products for health protection, which are widely used in hospitals, electronics factories, food industries, beauty salons and other fields.

To strengthen our market position and ensure the competitiveness of our business, HPP Tunisia has an imperative to fully satisfy the requirements of the customers and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers.

The purpose of our company is to produce and sell products that satisfy the customer, in terms of quantity, quality, price and time delivery.

Our values