Help Tech

Who we are

Help Tech, former Handy Tech is one of the leading producers for electronic equipment for the blind and the visually impaired. Handy Tech is the international known brand of innovative Braille displays „Made in Germany“, presented by Help Tech. The outstanding ergonomics and technology of Handy Tech Braille displays sets stands for over 25 years. Handy Tech Braille displays are designed and produced to meet the highest quality standards. Our quality management system is certified for ISO 9001 standard.

The spectrum of Handy Tech products includes mobile Braille displays with notetaking capability and stationary Braille displays for the workplace as well as reading systems. Handy Tech Braille displays are available in over than 35 countries.

Our values

- Handy Tech products made in Germany

- Products certified to the high quality standard ISO 9001

- The world’s leading manufacturer of refreshable Braille displays

- The integration of Blind and Visually Impaired in our team is a part of our company’s philosophy, some of our Help Tech team members are blind.

Our presence around the world